Mal Fletcher

QUESTIONS FOR PRESIDENT BIDEN. On this Inauguration Day, I sincerely wish President Biden well in his tenure. Here are some honest questions for his first 100 days:

1/ Will BigTech continue to be allowed to use Section 230 of the US Telecommunications Act to justify preaching tolerance while practising partisan censorship?

2/ Will the president rein in China in its efforts to dominate world affairs, directly or indirectly, while engaging diplomatically?

3/ Will the president lead as a centrist who works, as much as it is up to him, across political divides or will he bend toward or in the face of the extremes of wokism?

4/ Will President Biden be more transparent than his predecessor re. any alleged instances of family members profiting from his position?

5/ Will the president proactively lead US citizens toward a position of respect for the many positive sides of US history, while, yes, recognising the less seemly & harmful?

Moving on each of these questions will help to promote trust in US politics, from within and without. As a friend and admirer of the USA, it is my sincere and heartfelt hope that President Biden will succeed. 

Mal Fletcher (@MalFletcher) is the founder and chairman of 2030Plus. He is a respected keynote speaker, social commentator and social futurist, author and broadcaster based in London.

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