About us

2030Plus (formerly known as 2020Plus), was founded in 2009, by futurist Mal Fletcher. One of its core aims at the time was to help individuals and organisations struggling with the impact of the near-global recession.

Today, 2030Plus has grown into an international futures forum focused on tracking global shifts in technology, ethics, generations and more.

Media and press commentary

We provide insightful media and press commentary on the future impact of emerging technology, plus shifts in AI, digital economies, education, social enterprise and much more.

World-class keynote presentations

We provide world-class keynote presentations to equip leaders for engagement with future shifts. We also host roundtable and digital leadership events.

Mal Fletcher

Mal Fletcher is the founder and chairman of 2030Plus. He has travelled the world for 35 years, speaking in conferences, summits, universities and other events, large and small, in 40 nations. He is the author of eleven books.

Mal Fletcher - Chairman of 2030Plus

Mal is in demand for his futurist and social commentary with the BBC and other major media platforms. He has chaired international leadership forums in venues including the German Parliament and the British House of Commons.

2030Plus Leadership Networks

Mal has pioneered influential leadership networks in Europe and Australia, including Youth Alive Australia and the Strategic Leadership Consultation. Originally from Melbourne, he and his wife Davina were based in Copenhagen for ten years and now live just outside London.