Mal Fletcher

KILLING PARLER. Imagine a group of western governments suddenly acted to remove Twitter or Facebook from the internet, altogether. That's exactly what these & other companies have done with Parler. It's very concerning, to say the least.
A while back, I tried using Parler, with non-political posts, for a few days. I decided I'd rather stick with Twitter, which has many great qualities. But why can't BigTech see that acting in concert to kill a competitor on  purely political grounds is unacceptable? 
The taking down of Parler is baffling and hypocritical, considering the amount of anti-American, overtly violent material featured on their own platforms - for example, from the leadership of Iran.
It's high time BigTech shareholders held them to account. Theirs are apparently the only voices BigTech still listen to - despite the claims BigTech makes about offering a public service.

Mal Fletcher (@MalFletcher) is the founder and chairman of 2030Plus. He is a respected keynote speaker, social commentator and social futurist, author and broadcaster based in London.

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