The Future Is Y - Engaging The Millennial Generation (Pt 2)

How You can Enlist the Unique Skills of the Millennials to Boost Your Team

Wednesday 5 January 2011


In part 2 of this powerfully insightful leadership session, presented for leaders of business, civic authorities and community groups, Mal Fletcher looks at the specific challenges facing leaders when it comes to engaging the Millennial Generation.

The Millennial Generation (aka Gen Y) is now emerging as a force to be reckoned in the marketplace and in civic life.

Yet for many leaders, in business, civics and community organizations, these uniquely gifted young adults represent a real challenge.

In short, they think nothing like their Boomer or Generation X forebears. Their digital think, with its emphasis on collective decision-making combined with short attention spans, is just one of the challenges leaders face when bonding them into a team.

For the leaders who know how to engage their interest, command their respect and encourage their loyalty, the Millennials are a huge resource just waiting to be tapped.

Combining years of generational research with hands-on experience in leading major networks of Millennials, Mal Fletcher lectures on the unique characteristics of their generation.

He shows how you can enlist the skills of this huge generation, to improve your productivity and enlarge your influence. The future, says Mal, is Y!

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