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Quotable Quotes by Mal Fletcher (Fascinating Times)

Ethically, what one generation tolerates the next may treat as normal.

Is the future of humanity really about clouds you can't see and chips you can't eat?

We are products not of our technologies, but of our choices about how to use them.

Societies don't become less self-indulgent; people do.

Ours is an age that's often obsessed with knowledge at the expense of wisdom.

Confidence, not paper or digital money, is the key currency in a capitalist system.

Digital gadgets often plug us into an environment that's more cluttered than the real world.

Ensuring a healthy future means investing in the generation who will carry that future.

Technology works best when it facilitates human hope, activism, engagement & intervention.

People no longer want to see themselves primarily as consumers, but as activists.

The groups of which we are a part impact our decisions and our decisions shape the future.

Wrinkles ought to be worn as a badge of honour, as a mark of survival if not wisdom.

Lasting solutions to many social problems will be found only as we each learn to say, 'I am society'.

Celebrity is more than a culture today; it is an industry, complete with fame factories.

Marketers reinforce the idea - a false one - that celebrity is available to everyone.

People can only function at their best if they know that what they do actually matters beyond the corporate front door.

Cohesion means respectful diversity, which is about much more than the weak-kneed tolerance.

Our greatest resource is the human resource.

Building a better future will depend on our ability to appreciate generational differences.

Nothing is more dangerous for society's future than having its young people grow old before their time.

In media terms, the camera always lies, providing an edited version of reality.

'Whatever', the catchcry of GenX, is more a sigh of resignation than a cry of revolution.

GenXers naturally bristle at hierarchies, but thrive on partnerships.

Millennials aspire to marry the blue skies thinking of the Boomers with the grass-roots mindset of GenX.

Millennials expect to create a better future, using the collaborative power of digital technology.

Anonymity is not necessarily something to shun; we don't have to achieve celebrity to make a mark on the world.

For any alliance to work, the focus must remain on solving specific problems.

Progress must not become progressivism, where success is measured only by achieving pragmatic results.

Sex education should be 'relationship education', focusing on how to achieve long-term commitment.

The idea that education can ever be value-neutral is absurd.

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Factoids by Mal Fletcher (Fascinating Times)

A Chinese police service devoted to filtering the internet has at least 30,000 officers.

In 2010, at least 40 national governments worldwide filtered the internet.

Singularity: a time when machines & humans will play on a truly level playing field.

Sony studies Robot Anthropology: how robots might interact w/ us at all levels of life.

Aged care clients in Japan prefer small robotic 'nurses' to the human variety.

Some technologists believe that robots will soon form their own communities (perhaps known as 'roburbs').

Internet access costs may drop by 90% over the next few years, due to the Cloud.

80% of workplace emails are sent to co-workers who operate in the same workspace.

A Milan study: 99% of Facebook users are connected after just five degrees of separation.

2006 US Study: 25% of students showed above average narcissistic personality traits.

UK Study: Today's kids spend half as much time in class as they do in front of screens.

88% of British parents feel their children are under pressure to grow up too quickly sexually.

Millennials use Phone Text Speak in the same way their parents used rock 'n' roll; as a tool for in-house communication.

2006 study: young people with Facebook accounts achieved lower average grade scores than those without accounts.

A 2007 BlackBerry outage denied service to millions. Psychologists reported a spike in calls about feelings of disorientation.

Grameen Bank gives small loans to lift people from poverty. Its repayment rate: 95-98%.

In this age of hyper-stress, 20% of Britons are reportedly affected by depression.

100,000 children run away from home every year in the UK - 70% are not reported by their parents or carers.

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