Great News for News Lovers!

Dear News Lover!

"2030Plus with Mal Fletcher" launches July 2018.

Do you ever wish someone could help you make more 
SENSE of the news? Someone who’d quickly SUM UP the major issues and help you navigate the noise?

Mal Fletcher has been doing that for more than 30 years, in mainstream media (e.g the BBC), across many countries.* In just 6 months recently, he spoke to 17 million people, according to independent research.

Now we’re distilling all of that insight into a regular 2-3 minute video package called “2030Plus with Mal Fletcher”.

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New episodes will be released every 2 weeks. Every one will focus on stories and issues related to: the future (e.g. tech), innovation, ethics and social change.

Clips will also feature on our social media platforms: TwitterInstagram or LinkedIn.

We’d love your feedback, via YouTube or social media. Let us know! ENJOY!!

2030Plus Media Team