Positives From a Pandemic? Future 2021+ 2021: Future Beyond Pandemic Has Covid Killed Cash? Future Holograms Can We Live Smartphone Free? Social Media, Conspiracy Theories Social Media, Fake News, Conspiracy Theories Saving Social Media Hot Debates and Your Brain Covid19 and Hot Response Culture Transition Skills for the Automation Age More Influence Skills Skills to Expand Your Influence The Next Normal: Business, Education, Jobs State of the World: Futurist's Impressions Are Governments Clear About Covid19? Life Beyond Covid Beyond Covid: New Normal COVID-19 Vs. Our Values Media Appeal Sexbots: AI & Ethics of Relationships Cashless Society: Do We Need It? Can We Unplug? More 2020 Predictions Big 2020 Predictions Humans on Mars Future of "Sales" Future: Humanity v Efficiency Black Friday: Environmental Threat? Workplace Emails: Unhealthy? Deep Fake: Fad or Foe? Fixing Our Worst Roads Can Robots Replace People? Libra: Facebook Reinvents Money Shaming Teens on Social Media Compulsory Vaccinations? Why Terrorism Fails Knife Crime & Tasers New Gadgets: Do We Need Them? After Brexit: More Trouble? Police with Tasers Media and Christchurch Attacks Media and Christchurch Attacks Michael Jackson Leaving Neverland Shamima Begum Citizenship Cultures of Confidence 2030 Chips Under The Skin Should Social Media Be Banned? Bad Services: Globalism, Bureaucracy More Big Techs Future Digital Debt Futurist Forecasts 2019 Health, Lifestyle Futurist Forecasts 2019 Politics, Tech Big Techs 2019 - Pt 1 Christmas Ka-ching Mindful Antidote Phone Cos Are Essential Services #MeToo and Social Media Opportunities 2030 - 2 Opportunities 2030 - 1 Brexit Deal, Best Deal? Can Theresa May Survive? In Remembrance FAKE NEWS: Health Hazard Should Over-75s Lose Free BBC Licences? Free Speech & Veganism AI: Can It Protect Us From Terrorism? Social Media Should Carry Health Warnings Solving UK Traffic Problems Brexit: 2nd Vote or Carry On? Social Media Must Be Regulated Future of the Entrepreneur Should Social Media Be Regulated? Google's "Human" Avatar Are Health Apps Secure? Airlines Going Downhill Brexit: Where To From Here? Childcare, Drugs, Tech Great News for News Lovers! Discipline the Digital Death of Newspapers? Marxism on Campus Rise of the Sex Robots Are Old Media Dying? Digital Dementia Harry & Meghan - A Marriage Reflection Space Boosts Productivity Millennial Benchmarking Millennial Self-Propaganda Millennial Identity Youth Anxiety & Sleep Deprivation AI: Will It Make Or Break Us? CCTV and Your Privacy Trump & Kim Jong-Un Social Media Lies Travel Fast Russian Spy Poisoning Do Older People Block The Young? Future of Social Media Social Media & Public Health The Ethics Revolution Shape the Future Future Shifts This Decade Cashless Boosts Debt CSR is Dead! Trust and Innovation Millennials and Leadership Trump V Stalin Marxism on the Rise in Universities What Do We Want From MPs? Paradise Papers & Ethics Future of the Entrepreneur Do We Really Need An iPhone X? Remembering Princess Diana's Death Smart Cities & Business Does Comedy Go Too Far? Are Subcutaneous Microchips A Good Idea? Should BBC Reveal Stars' Pay? Charlie Gard Outcome Should Favour Life EU Has Big Problems Millennials - A Great Generation Grenfell Tower UK Election, Social Media, Millennials UK Election - The BIG Changes Now Brexit: Jubilation or Dread? Terrorists Won't Win Battle for Hearts and Minds Terrorists Won't Bring London To Its Knees Honours System Needs Rethink Virtual vs. Real Friends Virtual Reality Weddings Mental Health Apps Fake News Are We Over-Nurturing Our Children? Migrant Ban & News vs Opinion President Trump's UK State Visit Innovation Generations 1 Innovation Generations 2 Innovation Generations 3 Smart Age Leadership 1 Smart Age Leadership 2 Smart Age Leadership 3 Smart Age Leadership 4 French Right to Disconnect Email Law Pt 1 French Right to Disconnect Email Law Pt 2 Why Facebook Gets Us Down Future Biohacking and Digital Debt Police Use of Tech and Privacy Health Apps - The Future of Biometrics and AI Castro - Hero or Tyrant? Are Children Over-Protected by Advertising Authorities? Traits of Future Leaders Ethics Revolution and Business Is This The Best USA Can Do? Future of EU Post-Brexit Humanise the Digital! Impact of Automation Will Robots Threaten Our Future? Tube Chat - Good Idea or Intrusion? Tube Chat - Good Idea or Intrusion? Will Tax Rises Protect The NHS? No-No's On Social Media Will the Young Give up on Drugged Olympics? Clinton is Beatable but Trump is Wobbling Cameron's Misjudged Honours List Kids Need Space and Risk EU: Reform or Die Future of the Child Abuse Inquiry Should Public Spaces Block Phone Signals? Should Public Spaces Block Phone Signals? EU Referendum & Future of UK Business Why Don't People Trust Charities? Mal Fletcher Leadership Coaching Should Britain Leave the EU? Should Your Accent Hold You Back? Should Doctors Strike? Will We All Lose Our Jobs To Robots? Trump or Clinton: A Miserable Choice? EU Referendum: The Fear Factor Who Will Lead The Tories Next? Was Iain Duncan Smith Right to Resign? Email: Does it Have a Future? Leading Future Change in Business EU Referendum: How Will We Decide? Culture or Strategy: Which Should Dominate? Digital Techs That Failed Are Traditional Media Dying in the Face of Digital? Should Britain Stick With The EU? (2) Should Britain Stick With The EU? (1) Are We Too "Consumerised"? David Bowie - Artist & Innovator Is Jeremy Corbyn a Strong Leader? 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Freedom of Speech - The Paris Attacks Charlie Hebdo Attack - How should we respond? Are CCTV Systems Becoming More Intrusive? Should Christmas Be A Shopping Day? US Report on CIA "Torture" London Air Traffic Chaos Russell Brand vs Nigel Farage What Does Future Hold for Labour in Scotland? Are Executives Paid Too Much? Are the Tories Finished in Scotland? Globalisation vs. Local Accents Collaborative Innovation New Leadership & Digital Revolution 2 New Leadership and Strategic Failure Sixth Wave Global Innovation Future of Innovation Hubs Future of Millennial Generation Future of Social Media Future of Collaboration in Business The Ethics Revolution Revolutionary Future Technologies Set To Transform Marketplace Should We Change How We See Being Old? National Pride or Nationalism? Scottish Independence Results Ice Buckets & Motor Neurone Disease Ice Bucket Challenge and Social Media The Future of Leisure Time Training Innovators - Future of Education Techno-Refuseniks and Future of Education Assisted Dying - The Right Way Forward? Should Heightism Exist Alongside Racism and Sexism? Facebook and Data Privacy Fascinating Times Leadership versus Elitism in UK Politics The Ethics Revolution - Future of Education Shared Ownership and Future of Education Future of Education - Viral Collaboration Luis Suarez, Biting and Expectations in Sport How Are Social Media Changing News? What Exactly is a Futurist? UKIP and British Attitudes to Europe What's the Problem with the Liberal Democrats? Are We Confused About How We Greet One Another? Meriam Ibrahim Story Not Over Yet Who Do We Think We Are? Politics is an Over-Used Word Scottish Independence - More Heat Than Light? Malaysia Airlines MH370 - A Cultural Problem? Crimea, Ukraine, Independence Vote Should Courts be on TV? Oscar Pistorius Trial Keeping the Lost Generation Keeping Young People Engaged Neknominating - Why it's Here and How to End It The Reflection Dilemma in Education The Interactive Education Revolution Mega Cities, Mega Regions, Cloud Cities & Beyond Prison and Parental Responsibilities 2014 The Year of Big Service Is Tipping a Good Thing? Are Girls Right to Feel They're Victims of Sexism? Has CCTV Gone Too Far? Twitter - How Will it Make a Profit? Transhumanism - A Healthy Idea? Remembrance Day - Is It Still Important? Is the Honours System Being Downgraded? What is the Future of the Monarchy in Australia? What Is A Social Commentator? Why Do Middle Aged Men Engage in Affairs? Emotion and the Age of Reinvention Opportunities with Future Technology The Future and Education Challenges with Technology Big Questions for Future Societies Does The NGO Have a Future? Going Cashless - More Digital Dementia Twitter Trolls - What Should Be Done? Manning & Snowdon - Anarchists or Activists? Robert Mugabe - Election Thief or Legit President? Is Test Cricket Dying? The Future of Twitter Will Religion Influence Future Monarchs? Will Prince George Be "Defender of the Faith"? Prince George - Defender of Faiths? What Exactly is a Futurist? Private Values vs Peformance Male Only Sports Clubs Human Trafficking: The New Slavery Global Poverty: The Causes Problems Facing World's Children Exaflood Education The Happiness Index The Marriage Debate Leadership's Future - Get Ahead of the Curve How to Boost Your Communication as a Leader How to Become a Great Leader Should People Stay in Their Jobs Longer? Ohio Captivity: Will This Happen More Often in Future? Should Britain Stay in the EU? Age of Consent - Should It Be Dropped to 13? Ohio: When Next Door Is A World Away Could Norwich Be Another Seattle? Innovation Means Anticipating the Future Portugal Sees Euro Crisis As Opportunity Northern Region Can Become "Hub" for Innovation Are Newspapers Dead? How Can We Better Manage Frustration? Are Kids Preoccupied w/ Celebrity Culture? Pt2 Are Kids Preoccupied with Celebrity Culture? Do Young People Appreciate Their Parents? Tech: New Engine for Change Engaging 21st Century Change The New Passcode to Influence The Future of Business and Society Creating Innovation Hubs Chris Huhne - Leadership Deficit How Does Body Language Shape our Perception of Leaders? Social Networking - Benefit or Distraction? Is Britain Failing Cyclists? Valentine's Day - Do Opposites Attract? Horse Meat in Packaged Foods Same Sex Marriage Bill Fascinating Times Radio Spot 3 Fascinating Times Radio Spot 2 Stepfamilies on the Rise: What Does this Mean? Internet: Addiction or Distraction? Tech Savvy UK? Internet Addiction in Britain These Are Fascinating Times Technology and Ethics What Impact is Social Networking Having on Ethics? What Issues and Ethics Will Most Shape the Future? Mega-Monday - Avoiding a Christmas Overspend Fascinating Times Movie Trailer AIDS: What Can Be Done? Is Ageism on the Rise? Mid-Life Crises, Suicide and Generation X Does Britain Suffer from a Leadership Deficit? What is Digital Dementia? Fascinating Times Interview Does Bad Language Still Offend? Giving Parental Advice: What's the Best Approach? Charities: Asking or Badgering? Surveillance Gone Mad Are we Losing the Olympics? The Trust Deficit in Politics Does Blasphemy Have Any Impact Today? Are We Over-Reliant on Technology? Technology: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Riots and Celebrity Culture Does Blogging Have a Future? Steve Jobs and Einstein How to Maximise Your Team The Future of Cities How to Motivate People Without Hype Leadership: The Trust Problem Robotics and Virtual Einstein Leadership and the Future of Cities Bad News Media Study Reality TV: Exercise in Exploitation? "Bad News" Media? Reality TV: An Exercise in Exploitation? What Is 2020Plus? Riots & British House Cleaning Oslo Shootings & Bombing News of the World - Phone Hacking Pt 2 News of the World - Phone Hacking Pt 1 Where Now for Facebook & Social Networking? What's The Future Hold for Facebook? Has The Facebook Bubble Burst? The Digital Culture of Collaboration Padded Bras and Sexualised T-Shirts for Kids Is British Comedy Becoming More Offensive? Generations & Ageing: Who Will Care for the Old? Midsommer Murders: Racial Stereotyping? The Future is Y: Engaging The Millennial Generation (2) The Future is Y: Engaging The Millennial Generation (1) Become A More Articulate Leader Motivating Your Team (Without Hype!) The Millennials - What Makes Them Tick? Engaging Millennials - It's All About The Story! Time is the New Currency The Millennials & Their Expectation Gap The Trust Revolution - The New Economy Future Genetics, Medicine, Bio-Tech by 2020 The Future of Communications in IT-Bio-Nano Age The Future: What or Who will Really Shape it? The Future of Robotics and VR Ecological Opportunities in IT-Bio-Nano Age Charles Babbage & How Great Ideas Connect The King's Speech - A Lesson in Innovation! Innovation - Passcode to Influence Innovation - Google's 20% Time Culture of Innovation - How Huge Ideas Happen Culture of Innovation - Divergent Thinking vs. Luck Are Brits Addicted to DVDs? Ageism in Media Child Sexualisation Through Media The Future Is Y - Engaging The Millennial Generation (Pt 2) The Future Is Y - Engaging The Millennial Generation Royal Marriage Not Reality TV Royal Engagement: BBC Radio Interview Committees or Strong Leaders Committees or Strong Leaders Digital Media & Multi-Tasking The Future for South Wales Old Age - Are You Future Proof? Building A Culture Of Confidence (Part 2) Building A Culture Of Confidence The Future Is Y (2) The Future Is Y Sex Ed In Schools The Future: Human Choice, Ethics, Millennials Social Networking: What Is Its Impact On Friendship? Britain's First Election Debate Religious Persecution In Britain? Alcohol Abuse Invictus: What Real Heroes Look Like Dissent Is Not Disloyalty Learning Mandela-Style Leadership Is Politics Too Personality-Driven? Sexualisation of Children Kids: Over-Exposed to Sex? Reviewing The Sundays Why Social Commentary? National Apologies: Healthy? Bullying At Number Ten Sexualising Children Are We Becoming Wimps? More Leadership Video The 80/20 Rule The Churchill Factor The Power of Context The Really BIG Question Providing Digital Leadership Getting Ahead Of The Curve The Surveillance Society Mal on YouTube Political Correctness Big Changes To Our Leisure Time Guardian Public BBC Radio 5 Live WebChat TV BBC Breakfast BBC Breakfast BBC Breakfast Will the Web Kill Newspapers?
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